Have you ever wondered where the top massage therapists in Edmonton get their training? We’ve got you covered! Dive into this guide to find out which schools are shaping the future of massage therapy in the city.

Introduction to Massage Schools in Edmonton

Choosing the right massage school is more than just picking a name out of a hat. It’s about finding a place that resonates with your personal and professional goals. The school you select will play a pivotal role in your future as a therapist.

Top 5 Massage Schools in Edmonton

We have selected 5 top massage schools based on a variety of factors. Explore each one in more detail to see which one is best suited to your goals and requirements.

MacEwan University – Massage Therapy Program

Grant MacEwan Massage Program

Known for its broad range of programs, MacEwan University in Edmonton offers a massage therapy program that is revered for its rigorous curriculum and high standard of training. This institution blends theory with hands-on practice, ensuring students are well-prepared for the challenges and demands of a career in massage therapy. This diploma program, aimed at nurturing healthcare professionals, offers hands-on techniques to assess and treat stress, pain, and other physical conditions. Practical experience is gained in our onsite teaching clinic.

MaKami College


A distinguished institution in Alberta, with campuses in both Edmonton and Calgary. It’s known for its dedication to excellence in massage therapy education.

The college’s massage therapy program stands out due to its comprehensive nature. It is a 2 year program spanning a detailed 3,000-hour curriculum, the program delves deep into various aspects of massage therapy. Students are introduced to a wide array of techniques, ranging from the foundational Swedish massage to specialized therapeutic modalities.

One of MaKami College’s strengths is its blend of theoretical knowledge with hands-on practice. Their emphasis on real-world application ensures students are well-prepared to transition into professional roles upon graduation. This is further enhanced by their state-of-the-art facilities and experienced instructors who bring a wealth of industry insights.

Moreover, MaKami’s program also touches upon the business side of massage therapy, helping students understand the entrepreneurial aspects of the profession. This is particularly beneficial for those looking to start their own practices or wellness centers in the future. Success rate of MaKami college graduating students is 97% for students finding jobs in their chosen field of work.

South Edmonton School of Massage Therapy

Massage Schools Edmonton South

The South Edmonton School of Massage Therapy (SESMT) offers a Diploma program that combines distance learning with 13 in-class weekend sessions, ensuring a comprehensive education. As a recognized leader in accreditation in the prairie provinces, SESMT provides students with an accredited degree. The tuition is affordable, making it a viable option for those seeking a rewarding career as a massage therapist while balancing family and work commitments. Every 2018 graduate landed a job within a month and this diploma is recognized in Alberta and all across Canada as well.

Alberta College Of Massage Therapy

Pursue a fulfilling career as a Registered Massage Therapist, a profession offering balance and the chance to assist diverse clients daily. The Alberta College of Massage Therapy (ACMT) presents a dynamic, flexible program allowing you to study without upending your life. Combining online studies through ACMT’s Learning Management System, in-class hands-on sessions, and clinic practicals, students get comprehensive training, with instructors readily accessible via email. Established in 2001, ACMT stands as a pioneering force in Canadian massage education, with eight campuses across regions such as Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer. It ranks among North America’s most prominent massage colleges.

18-Month Program Breakdown For Massage Schools

First Year – Spa Massage Practitioner Certificate: This initial phase covers relaxation massage essentials and various Swedish Massage techniques. Students delve into anatomy, physiology, medical jargon, and hydrotherapy. After their fourth module, hands-on practice begins in the student clinics. Completing this year earns a certificate, qualifying graduates to work in spas or aboard cruise ships.

Second Year – Massage Therapy Diploma: This advanced year delves into deep tissue massage, fascia release, and facilitated exercises. It encompasses history taking, orthopaedic assessments, and treating muscular-skeletal system pathologies. Training is enhanced with continuous practice in ACMT’s Student Clinic. Upon graduation and association membership, students earn their Registered Massage Therapist title.

Vicars School of Massage Therapy

MH Vicars School offers a blended-learning approach that seamlessly merges hands-on campus training and clinical experience with the convenience of online independent study. This method grants students the versatility to balance both their professional work and academic endeavors. This program has earned an esteemed approval from the Massage Therapists Association of Alberta (MTAA). Under the guidance of experienced Registered Massage Therapists, students at MH Vicars are equipped with industry-leading techniques. This dedication to quality and comprehensive training positions MH Vicars as one of Edmonton’s premier massage therapy institutions. Notably, the school offers financial aid options and accommodates flexible scheduling to support its students’ diverse needs.

Traditional Thai Medical Massage (TTMM) School

Founded by Jel Chewaporn Rasri, Soul2Sole Traditional Thai Medical Massage (TTMM) School embodies her deep passion for healing through Traditional Thai Medical Massage. Her dedication not only drives her excellence in the craft but also empowers her to positively impact individual lives by alleviating their physical pain and boosting their overall well-being.

FAQs For Massage Schools

  1. How do I become a massage therapist in Edmonton?

    Massage therapists need to finish an 18-to-24-month or 18-to-36-month accredited massage therapy program, followed by a stint of supervised hands-on training. In Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, and British Columbia registration with a regulatory body mandatory.
  2. How much does massage schools cost in Canada?

    In Canada, the majority of Massage Therapy programs span 2,200 hours, with tuition costs ranging from $15,000 to $35,000, excluding the expenses for books and materials.
  3. How long does it take to become a massage therapist in Alberta?
    Though there aren’t fixed prerequisites to pursue a career as a massage therapist in Edmonton Alberta,  those aiming to affiliate with the Massage Therapist Association of Alberta (MTAA) or bill health insurance should enroll in a massage therapy program offering a minimum of 2,200 hours of training.