Even though motherhood is a beautiful gift of nature, it demands immense physical and emotional labor from expecting women. After all, bringing a human in the world is no easy job and women who are able to do it must be lauded for it.

However, compliments and praise don’t help a pregnant woman get through those taxing 9 months. She needs physical aid to help her get through that time. Since nausea, hunger pangs and swelling are a few common issues reported during pregnancy months, it’s not wrong of them to expect their partners to pamper them.

There’s nothing quite like the soothing pleasure of having your feet rubbed after a long day. Just keeping your feet up for a while can relive your feet from the pressure of carrying so much weight around all day.

How about we suggest something even better? Here are all the benefits you can reap from a prenatal massage if you’re going through a tough pregnancy.

Releases Endorphins

Pregnancy and mood swings are a classic pair that has been noted in pregnant women since time immemorial. Putting on extra pregnancy pounds, dealing with nausea, and exhaustion combined can’t match the distress that mood swings can put you through.

One moment, you can be on cloud 9 and enjoy the kicks of your little one, and the next moment you can become mom-zilla and be on the verge of bawling or pulling your hair out. At times like those, you need the stimulation of endorphins to stabilize mood and enhance your emotional wellbeing.

They can act as natural painkillers that can take half your stresses away. And massages are a great way to get endorphins pumping in your system!

Regulates Hormones

Hormonal fluctuations are a huge part of pregnancy. They’re the reason you experience things like glowing skin, hair loss, weaker nails and abnormal hair growth. While it may come off as a surprise for a first-time mom, it’s pretty common in the cases of most pregnant women.

However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect your physical health. Apart from the obvious health concern, they can seriously strain your self-esteem. You don’t want to spend your pregnancy months wailing, sobbing or moaning in grief, do you?

This is why you need to get massage therapy regularly. Not only is it essential for relaxing your nerves but also for balancing hormonal fluctuations. Ultimately, regulating negative hormones and stimulating positive hormones can reduce the impact of pain and make birthing relatively easier.

pregnant woman getting a massage

Relaxes Muscles

Even though some pregnant women fear childbirth more than the nine long months, we feel otherwise. It’s much harder to live through stress every single day for a good part of a year than go through pain once and for all. This is also the reason why women undergo anxiety during pregnancy and that causes their muscles to tense up.

Physically, this can make mobility a challenge—as if the added bodyweight wasn’t already doing that. It can get difficult to bend, walk or even sleep at night. And this also causes muscle fatigue more often and makes simple tasks harder than usual.

Getting massages helps relax muscles in your body. This can make your pregnancy months a breeze and also make childbirth easier. With only muscles in the uterus contracting, the rest of the body is well-rested and ready to endure the pain. Thus, laboring becomes more bearable than it would’ve been otherwise.

We’re a massage center in Edmonton that offers prenatal massage therapy for pregnant women. Come to us if you’re struggling with sore muscles and stuff joints, along with a big baby bump!