Pregnancy Massage Edmonton

Pregnancy is a life-changing moment that can be an overwhelming and challenging time. The physical and mental demand leads many mothers to seek out care throughout the nine months, including pregnancy massages. Also known as prenatal massage, these massages aim to relieve the pain associated with pregnancy. 


Contrary to traditional massages, a pregnancy massage doesn’t involve deep pressure on a woman’s abdomen and legs. This process helps eliminate stress hormones and muscles, both of which benefit the body during pregnancy. Therapists vary with what they offer for a pregnancy massage, but every woman will immediately see the benefit of receiving one. Nevertheless, down below will discuss what there is to know about pregnancy massages and a pregnancy massage Edmonton service!


How Often Should You Get a Pregnancy Massage While Pregnant?

There aren’t any specific rules attached to getting a pregnancy massage, but there are some recommendations. It’s recommended that the appointments follow the same schedule as your doctor visits. A traditional schedule is once a month until 27 weeks and twice a month until 36 weeks.


Some experts recommend going once a week after 36 weeks are hit, but this depends on the mother’s comfort level. Keep in mind; frequent pregnancy massages aren’t recommended early on. Still, many experts vary with what’s recommended. It’s entirely up to the mother to do what’s best for her.


What Type of Pregnancy Massage is the Best?

Any massage that addresses the discomfort of pregnancy is ideal for a pregnant woman. These massages address skeletal and circulator changes caused by hormone shifts. The massage therapist is aware not to squeeze certain parts of the body. In comparison, a non-pregnancy massage isn’t as gentle or careful.


A massage therapist will typically lay the mother on her side instead of lying face-down. While on her side, the therapist won’t squeeze the mother’s central area to avoid disturbing her blood flow. The massage will be careful and not utilize profound pressure on the mother’s midsection and legs compared to other massage types.


What Do They Do During A Pregnancy Massage?

A pregnancy massage is designed for expectant mothers to help reduce discomfort associated with pregnancy, including back and neck pain. It also supports the healthy development of the fetus, making it an essential make-up of a pregnancy journey.


The session begins with the massage therapist asking a variety of questions tailored to the mother. Once concluded, the mother can get down to her underwear and put towels over her private areas. If the mother is more comfortable in her clothing, they can do that as well.


The massage therapist will then use various strokes to relax and relieve the mother’s back, shoulders, and hips. Depending on how far along the mother is, the massage therapist will then lie her on her back to work on her legs, feet, and head.


Can You Have a Back Massage in Early Pregnancy?

Determining if a pregnant woman can have an early pregnancy back massage depends on the woman and therapist. Some therapists feel confident enough in their abilities to don’t have any issue with massages during the first, second, or third trimester.


Thus, the woman needs to find a reliable and suitable massage therapist for this purpose. Some massage therapists refuse any massage to women in their first trimester because of its risk. Still, as long as it’s a reputable massage therapist, any woman can get an honest answer over whether or not they can get a massage yet.


Pregnant women can also get their back massaged during the process, but it tends to be on their side. Many therapists won’t lie the woman on her stomach except for a few brief moments to work on her legs, feet, and head.


What Are The Benefits Of A Pregnancy Massage?

As great as it is for a couple to discover they’re pregnant, it can be immeasurably overwhelming for the woman. After all, her body will go through significant changes and stress over the next several months until the beautiful day comes. Thankfully, pregnancy massages offer several benefits for all mothers during pregnancy.


Many studies have shown that mothers who don’t get prenatal care are three times more likely to have a lower birth weight for their baby. Similar studies have also shown babies are five times more likely to die than babies whose mothers received prenatal care. Besides these general studies, pregnancy massages reduce pain, tension, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and much more.

Reduces Pain

When a woman gets pregnant, the expansion of her uterus puts pressure on blood vessels, causing the joints to swell. The woman will also experience restricted movement and reduce blood circulation, which can cause swelling and pain. Pregnancy massages aid in movement and blood circulation, reducing pain significantly.

Reduces Tension

When a woman experiences restricted movement for the first time during pregnancy, it becomes straightforward for them to have significant tension throughout their body. A pregnancy massage promotes a healthy blood flow, aiding tension and keeping the muscles relaxed throughout the process.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are the most common and biggest hindrance to a pregnancy. Pregnant or not, stress and anxiety can take a severe toll on someone’s health. A massage not only aids in a person’s physical well-being but can significantly benefit mental health. Mental health is just as important as physical health.

Better Sleep

Many doctors and health experts have discussed the importance of sleep. Most people don’t get enough sleep due to external factors such as their job, stress, life events, and much more. A massage promotes a healthy state of mind that’ll aid in eliminating insomnia and better sleep.


Where Can I Get a Pregnancy Massage in Edmonton?

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