Pregnant women get so many aches and pains throughout their pregnancy. Many moms-to-be turn to prenatal massages or massage therapy to soothe their tired muscles and help them relax before the baby arrives. Similar to a full-body spa massage, a prenatal massage reduces inflammations and promotes healthy blood flow.

The difference between an ordinary massage and a prenatal one is that the masseuse will make a few adjustments to their regimen to ensure that both the mother and the baby are safe and comfortable throughout the session. Massage therapists need additional certifications to perform this type of service, including licensing by the state board and earning formal training. Here are other things to know about getting massage services when you are expecting.

You don’t lie on your stomach or back

Lying on your belly is a no-no if you’re pregnant. It is both dangerous for the child and uncomfortable to the parent, so masseuses must accommodate the mom’s belly during a prenatal massage. Women who avail of this service must lie on their side and rest themself against a body pillow. For massages that require you to lie on your back, you will need to be semi-reclined and have pillows behind your back and knees.

You can’t have deep tissue massages

Expect gentle strokes during a prenatal massage since more forceful types are not safe for expecting mothers. The masseuse will start with your head, neck, and shoulders, moving down to your arms, and then the tops of your legs.

Then, your therapist will ask you to lie on your side and rest against the body pillow. The bulk of the massage will be in this position, and your massage therapist will work on your back, legs, and feet. They will also work on the nape and shoulder blade areas.

Avoid all sorts of massages in early pregnancy

The first trimester is when there is the highest risk for miscarriage, and massages are among the activities that doctors discourage patients from engaging in during this period. In some women, a massage can trigger a detoxification process in the body.

During a detox, your body does a hard reset on its functions and gets rid of toxins. Typically, this is a good thing. However, detoxing while pregnant can cause you to pass the harmful materials to your child through the bloodstream. To be safe, always consult your obstetrician before any unusual or potentially strenuous activity.

When is the best time to get a prenatal massage?

Generally, experts advise women to defer massages until the second trimester. That is if you led a naturally healthy lifestyle before getting pregnant. If you smoked, drank, or used drugs regularly before pregnancy, you need to avoid a massage altogether since it could trigger a detox reaction in any case.


It is hard work sustaining life inside you, and staying mentally and physically relaxed during pregnancy is a priority. A prenatal massage could be the best way for you to keep fatigue at bay. Remember to consult a medical health expert about whether or not a massage is right for you, given your personal history.

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