For many people, getting a massage is the ultimate treat. It allows your body to become relaxed so you can release stress and feel refreshed. One of the more popular types of massage services in Edmonton is reflexology. A specific kind is hand reflexology, which essentially means that several reflex points around the hand have pressure applied to them. Generally, the aforementioned reflex points are believed to correlate to various parts of the body. When the reflex points are massaged, certain symptoms in the body’s area are relieved.

There’s science to back up hand reflexology’s benefits, albeit quite limited. A number of studies have been done, but none big enough or consistent enough to be particularly notable. One common thread with all of these studies is that hand reflexology will not negatively impact anyone’s health or pose any risks. The only thing to note is that it’s best avoided by women who are pregnant.

Here are some examples as to how hand reflexology is incredibly helpful:

It offers notable assistance in relieving constipation

94% of respondents in a study back in 2010 found that over a month and a half of hand reflexology helped decrease symptoms of constipation. A surprising bonus effect that the same respondents reported were fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety. It should be noted that this study was extremely small; there were only a total of 19 participants.

Usually, the pressure point used in this case has also been touted as a spot for pain relief in general.

  • Pressure point: Find a spot between your index finger and thumb, particularly the part that looks somewhat webbed. That pressure point is Large Intestine 4 (LI4). Apply pressure with fingertips to each hand.

Relief from headaches is achieved

Reflexology overall is found handy when it comes to the treatment of headaches. This is particularly true for those that come as a direct effect of anxiety or stress. After approximately half a year (six months) of treatment, more than half of a 2015 review’s respondents saw a reduction in their symptoms. 25% had their headaches stop completely, while 10% managed to no longer take medication.

  • Pressure point: The aforementioned LI4 point also works well in this case. Another one is between the tendons under your wrist by a few inches: the Pericardium 6 (P6). Find the point on both of your hands, and massage for a minute.

There will be a significant reduction of anxiety

An Iran-based study in 2017 found that anxiety was lowered considerably in patients about to undergo a specific minimally invasive procedure called coronary angiography, which helps to diagnose heart conditions. Patients who got a hand massage and/or hand reflexology were less anxious about the overall procedure.

  • Pressure point: Find your wrist’s crease on the outer hand. Just below that, there should be a little dent, which is the pressure point you need. This is known as the HT7 (Heart 7) point. Massage with both hands for a minute.


Everyone enjoys a deep tissue massage because of how relaxing it is. Hand reflexology is an incredibly helpful massage that alleviates a lot of situations. There are several pressure points that can relieve multiple symptoms such as anxiety, constipation, and stress. You can find more about our reflexology services and rates here

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