So you’ve got some time on your hands and are thinking about trying something new. If a Traditional Thai Massage is anywhere on your list of things to do, let us convince you that today is the day you actually give it a go!

A traditional Thai massage is one of the best ways you can reward your body for working so hard over the weeks and months. But if you’re a tad nervous about what it entails, allow us to give you a roundup.

What is a Traditional Thai Massage?

Traditional Thai Massage has its roots in Thai medicine and Buddhist philosophy. The massage is said to have been founded by a legendary Indian physician some 2500 years ago. The full body massage is usually practiced on a mat on the floor where the individual and therapist perform a range of meditational exercises. From fascial stretching therapy, breath work, yoga and acupressure; a Traditional Thai massage is a wave of blissful energy reverberating through your body.

You’ll be expected to show up in a loose pair of clothes that allow you to fully and comfortably stretch your limbs. The therapist will likely guide you into different yoga poses. The entire process is quite graceful and harmonic as you experience controlled pressure on your myofascia. As your muscles begin to relax, you’ll be able to perform more complex stretches.

Are there any benefits to a Traditional Thai Massage?

Absolutely! A traditional Thai massage is known not only for its ability to relax you but it’s also great at addressing some common health concerns such as:

  • Increases muscle flexibility and range of movement
  • Reduces spasms and muscle pain
  • Enables you to let go of burdensome emotional stress
  • Stimulates blood flow circulation
  • Improves internal organ function
  • Relieves swollen limbs, fatigue, headaches and painful joints
  • Improves posture, calms the nervous system and induces a deep feeling of relaxation

Thai Massage Edmonton

How long does a Traditional Thai Massage session last?

Most Thai massage sessions can be completed in an hour but if you’re short on time, we can also arrange a brief 45 or 30-minute session. However, to avail the maximum benefits of this type of massage, we suggest you book a session for at least 90 minutes.

Will it be painful?

No. A Thai massage should never cause you any kind of discomfort and with our expert massage therapists it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to be pushed out of your comfort zone. The whole point is to make you mindful of your body’s limits, not attack them.

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