It’s been a long, hard day.

Scratch that, it’s been a long, hard week! And the truth is that you can’t wait to dive into your bed in your pyjamas and just unwind.

Yet, even that prospect doesn’t sound as relaxing anymore. In fact, it seems quite unproductive. So, why not spice up your weekend by getting a massage?

At Sole2Sole Studio in Edmonton, we receive clients every day, looking to get away from the stress of their daily life. From them, we’ve compiled five tips on how they take their massage therapy experience to the next level!

1.    Know Your Comfort Level

If you’re not comfortable with being completely undressed, wear a pair of loose shorts or keep your undergarments on. Your massage experience has to be comfortable for you.

But keep in mind, your therapist will drape a sheet or a towel on you, which stays on you throughout the session.

Thai Stem Massage

2.    Go to the Bathroom before Your Appointment Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

We recommend drinking plenty of water before your appointment since your muscles need it after a massage. But, if you feel like you might need to get up in the middle of the session, attend to your needs before the massage starts. This way, you’ll stay comfortable, and you’ll stay hydrated too.

3.    Exercise before Your Massage

Do you work out regularly? If so, fit in your routine before your massage. If you get a deep tissue massage, you’ll end up overworking your muscles if you work out afterwards. But if you get a massage after, the treatment will help improve blood flow to the areas that require stretching and will help increase elasticity around the joints as well.

4.    Don’t Eat Before a Massage

Massage stimulates digestion, so eat a light meal an hour or two before your massage appointment. We recommend that you have something healthy and fulfilling rather than junk food, so you won’t have to worry about any sounds from your stomach later. Overeating or eating unhealthy food before your massage will make you feel uncomfortably full.

Man Getting a massage

5.    Talk to Your Therapist

Typically, a massage is not supposed to hurt. Even deep tissue massages only cause minor discomfort. So, if you feel pain, tell your massage therapist. Speak to them about the right level of pressure, and if they should work on a specific area. Be open about your massage experience and tell them where you feel sore, so your therapist knows how to apply pressure to that area. Any feedback from you is welcome.

Now that you know what to do, don’t wait! Schedule an appointment at Sole2Sole Studio today by calling 780-757-3452.