Do you ever feel exhausted, drained, or just plain tired after completing a workout session? It may do you good to get a post-workout massage to help your tired muscles recover. Getting a massage after a rigorous training session is essential to keeping yourself at peak fitness.

Reasons to Treat Yourself to a Post-Workout Massage

Muscles are broken down during exercise; hence the pain and discomfort you may sometimes feel right after working out. Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting a massage after your workout once in a while.

1 – Speed Up Muscle Recovery

When you work out, you make movements with your muscles with the intention of tearing them up. The purpose of this is to make your muscles repair and rebuild themselves. After the muscles repair themselves, they should come back stronger and able to do the workout again. This is how bodybuilders achieve such sculpted physiques. However, you should be careful to overdo it, or you risk not allowing your muscles to recover properly.

Massage sessions help muscles rebuild and repair themselves much more quickly. The scientific explanation behind this is that massages send more blood to muscles, which carries vital oxygen and nutrients. 

2 – Decrease Inflammation

Post-workout massages can decrease muscle inflammation as well as reduce the pain you feel after working out. Massages loosen stressed and tired muscles to help get rid of the swelling in a certain area.

3 – Reduce the Risk of Athletic Injuries

If you have injuries that you sustained while training, getting a post-workout massage can help. When you have an injury, you will tend to have a more limited range of movement while you recover. A post-workout massage can help you regain your normal range of motion as well as keep your muscles flexible. As mentioned earlier, a good massage will ensure that enough blood is able to reach the affected muscles, tendons, and ligaments and help them repair themselves more quickly.

4 – Have an Energy Boost

A massage will help you relax and, believe it or not, will also give you more energy for your next workout. A massage will encourage your muscles to use up the oxygen in the blood. This will energize them and prime them for more work. The increase of oxygen in your muscles is another reason why you might feel like going back to the gym again. 

5 – Improves Blood Flow

When a massage works to reduce inflammation, it makes it easier for blood to flow properly throughout your body. Inflammation restricts blood flow, making muscles feel tired and weak. A massage will help get rid of the blockage of blood flow and improve proper circulation in the body. 


You may think that working out every day without rest is a good thing. However, this could not be further from the truth. You need to rest your muscles for them to recover. You will not be able to see any gains if you overwork your muscles. The only things you will be stuck with are pain and injuries.

Taking a break and having a massage will help your muscles recover. It will give them the break they need to properly repair themselves. If you want to reach peak physical fitness, give yourself a break and have a post-workout massage today.

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