A foot massage is always relaxing and soothing. After you’ve had a long day of running around, walking or standing on your feet—they deserve to be treated with care, or they might just swell due to all the strain and stress.

Everyone enjoys a good foot massage. But is there more to it than just feeling relaxed and relieved?

The Various Kinds Of Foot Massages?

There are various massage techniques that promise incredible health benefits. Traditional methods focus on relaxing the joints and muscles, while acupressure aims to improve the overall health and boost the energy flow by working on pressure points.

Aromatherapy, on the other hand, relaxing music and scented oils to uplift the relaxing atmosphere and trigger multiple senses at once.

Reflexology focuses on improving the function of internal organs by massaging specific points of the foot.

Although the most obvious benefit of these massages is relaxation, there are other unexpected ones as well.

Improves Your Sex Life

Massage oil, a few scented candles, and incredibly romantic, soft music, what else do you need to set the perfect mood? A foot massage is a great way to start things off and get your partner to relax. It’s intimate and a nice way to help them forget the annoyances of their day.

The feet are a great point to start with since the sensory nerves under the feet can cause mild arousal, offering an easy transition to a more erogenous phase.

Enhances Circulation

Our muscles tend to stiffen up during the day. We grow accustomed to the knots and don’t notice them until after they start hurting us. To top it off, the muscles on our feet usually receive little to no exercise, which impairs the blood flow. This may also be caused by uncomfortable and tight shoes.

A 10 to 20 minute foot massage is enough to enhance the circulation in your feet. This is especially beneficial for people who suffer from diabetes.

Heals Injuries And Bruises

Massaging the feet can treat joint pain and aid with recovery after a foot injury—reducing muscle soreness. Moreover, when massaging the foot is combined with stretching and strengthening exercises, it can also prevent future injuries.

Moderates Blood Pressure

High blood pressure may be the result of a number of reasons including stress or an unhealthy diet.

Foot massages can be an effective way to deal with high blood pressure. This is especially beneficial for people who work in high-stress jobs—reducing their anxiety and blood pressure while improving their moods.

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