Is this your first time thinking about getting a professional massage?

If you’ve only enjoyed the occasional shoulder rubs that your partner blesses you with, the chances are that you’ll love massage therapy as well.

But to make the most of your session, there are a few housekeeping rules you should know. This will avoid any misconceptions and will allow you to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

For starters, leave all reservations at home and let yourself drown in blissful oblivion!

Here are some other things to keep in mind.

· The etiquette around taking your clothes off

Some people aren’t entirely comfortable with stripping completely in front of their therapist. However, this is largely due to some misplaced myths about massages.

Trust us, your therapist will maintain an air of professionalism and you won’t feel uncomfortable in front of them. This also depends on the kind of massage you’re opting for. A head massage obviously doesn’t mandate taking your clothes off.

However, if you need a full back massage, the therapist will work on your pelvic region as well. So it’s best to take off your undergarments so nothing comes in the way.

· Your comfort comes first

The fact of the matter is that some clients just aren’t comfortable with taking their clothes off.

Here, we’d like to highlight that your consent and comfort are our top priority. So you can keep as many articles of clothing on as you wish to, as long as you’re calm and comfortable during the session.

Face Massage

· Bodily Responses Are Normal

If you’re freaking out about embarrassing yourself in front of the massage therapist, don’t be. It’s completely normal for your body to respond in ways that may seem awkward to you. For instance, massages are known to improve digestion, so you may end up passing gas.

Don’t shame yourself for something you can’t control, and besides, it’s a sign that the massage is working!

Similarly, you might doze off or even drool during the process. That’s also acceptable, as long as you’re feeling relaxed at the end.

· Avoid unprofessional requests

If you thoroughly enjoyed your massage session, that’s great news. But remember that we’re a professional massage studio and can’t cater to unreasonable requests due to a tight schedule.

If you wish to continue the session “just a bit longer” and we have other appointments lined up, we’ll have to turn that request down.

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