If you ask us what dilemma plagues modern society most, our answer would undoubtedly be desk jobs.

While macro-economic problems like unemployment and accelerating population growth are affecting the world at large, what concerns an individual on a personal level is what they go through every day. And that is their rigorous 9 to 5 routine doing white collar jobs while being glued to a desk and fixated on a screen.

Desk jobs take a toll on your health. Not only does an office routine keep you away from living a physically healthy life, but also strains your muscles and fosters medical problems in the process.

We can bet you feel that distant ache at the back of your neck and at the bottom of your spine at least once a week! YES; the credit for that goes to your desk job. Here are some tips for reducing your desk job aches.

Fix Your Posture

If you have a hunchback, that’s probably doing more damage to your body than unhealthy eating. Not only does this posture make your physical profile look unappealing, but also interferes with physiological processes that your body routinely undergoes.

It can disrupt the alignment of your neck and spine, and weaken your back muscles. The unnatural curvature of the spin also obstructs blood flow which then becomes the root of many forthcoming medical issues. From impaired lung function to poor digestion, your body will keep experiencing healthcare issues because of the slouched posture.

While having a backrest helps, it just gives temporary relief. If you need to work on the problem from within, getting regular Thai massages to relieve your back muscles is the right answer.

Back Massage

Adopt Physical Routine

It’s true that at the end of a workday, all you care about is crashing on your couch and watching Netflix until it’s time to go to bed. Who even has the time or energy to go to the gym and get fit? While that sounds like something only fitness freaks do, that’s something you need as well.

However, a hardcore workout routine is not the only way to get muscle stimulation. If you want some relaxation along with a physically healthy routine, our deep tissue massages will work best for you. Our expert massage therapists will manipulate hand movements to reach deep into your muscle injuries and stimulate blood flow to spur recovery.

Not only does this relax your body and releases all that pent-up stress but also gets fresh blood pumping through your veins—which is pretty much what cardio does except with greater exertion.

Stay Happy

Before you disregard this tip as another cliché that you’ve come across on the internet, give us a minute to explain.

Missing out on breathing fresh air, watching the sky change color, staying within white walls, staring at a computer screen, and punching keys on a keyboard can affect your emotional wellbeing.

If you plan on doing a desk job in the long run, know that it can affect your level of happiness. This is not only because the work is tough or the leaves are few. That’s because you’re not doing anything to stimulate endorphins except checking your bank on payday! That’s not enough to keep you happy.

Your body needs to experience its fair share of pleasure responses to stimuli that reduce stress and alleviate discomfort. This not only improves your mood but also strengthens your immunity. Before you ask how, reflexology is the answer.

Our reflexology massages target reflex points on hands and feet that are connected to vital organs. This enhances their functioning and balances your nervous system by releasing endorphins.

If you’re looking for massage places in Edmonton, we offer one of the best deep tissue massages and reflexology therapy in town. Come to us if you want to invest an hour of your busy routine in your wellbeing.