Have you been struggling with crippling anxiety or immense stress lately? Have depressive episodes become too frequent? Do you let negative thoughts cloud your perception of reality? Do you feel tired and upset all the time?

If you’ve answered YES to all or most of these questions, you’re dealing with serious mental health issues. While the obvious answer for that is to seek professional help, it’s not the be all and end all of your recovery. You also need to adopt a healthier lifestyle that complements the treatment you’re seeking.

A great way to do that is to improve your daily routine by eating clean and sleeping early AND treat yourself to massages regularly. Here are some of the hidden benefits of massage therapy for mental wellness.

Hot Stone Massage

Improve Mental Wellness

The sheer pleasure of having hot stones placed on the pressure points on your

body is inexplicable. They help loosen the tightness in muscles with their heat and slight pressure and thus reach out to the energy centers in your body. This allows obstructed energy to flow through the body and revitalize the muscles.

The therapist can employ different techniques with hot stones to maximize relaxation. Since they’re smooth, they can be run across the skin to massage the muscles gently in swift motions or pressed on some points for extra pressure.

However, if you’re sensitive to touch, the pressure can be tailored to your needs. Hot stone therapy is most effective for people dealing with muscle tension and stress.

Thai Stem Massage

Thai massage boasts of aligning the energies in your body and creating the right balance between them. The technique to do that involves using gentle pressure to trigger stimulation in the energy centers of your body.

The therapist might ask you to move or stretch your body into postures that they prescribe. This enhances blood flow and energizes the body from within.

It differs from hot stone massage in a way that it involves equal participation from your end to maximize the results. Therapists also make use of stems during the massage to complement manual therapy with stem compression.


Performed mostly on your hands and feet, this massage therapy focuses on your pressure points that connect with different parts of your body. Since each part of the soles of your feet is responsible for the functioning of an organ, massaging them can promote healing and improved functioning in them.

This not only concerns the normal physiological processes of the body but also the release of endorphins. This is the pleasure hormone that’s produced to combat stressors and uplift your mood. With continued release of endorphins, your mental health begins to improve, moving you towards complete recovery.

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