For many people, the idea of taking a break from life itself every once in a while is absolutely justified. However, the problem is that choosing how to relax can make for a difficult time. Whether you’re stressed out because of work, family problems, relationship issues, or schoolwork, the need for relaxing will come around sooner or later and make itself known to you. 

The most common types of stresses include life and work-related stresses. Life stresses include the death of a loved one, divorce, getting married, chronic illness or injury, emotional problems (depression, anxiety, anger, grief, guilt, low self-esteem), traumatic event, such as a natural disaster, theft, rape, violence and so on. While, work-related stresses include having a heavy workload with long hours, facing discrimination or harassment at work or loss of a job.

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At first, the thought of drinking it out or going on a shopping spree will seem like the perfect answer to your relaxation woes. In the end, these are the same activities that put us in a completely different mood. However, after lots of consideration, you’ll realize that such ideas or options will be too expensive, impractical, or problematic. 

If you’ve been deliberating on how you can relax and take some much-needed time off, then you’re probably at that point where your brain is dry of ideas. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with one idea that you’re familiar with but probably haven’t gotten around to thinking about (yet): Getting a massage. 



Double-thinking the possibility of getting a massage? Here are a few benefits to consider

Admittedly, the idea of getting a massage can seem like a point of apprehension for most people because it seems like a simple way to “undo” weeks, months, or years of built-up stress. The magical part about getting a massage that most people never realize is that it really does manage to undo a lot of built-up problems if you get pampered at the right place!

At this point, you might be heavily considering the possibility of getting your entire body pressed, kneaded, and stretched until you finally feel like a brand-new person. Yet, you might still have some apprehension as well. If you want to treat yourself to some much-needed relaxation but aren’t sure if a massage is the way to go, here are some points that will convince otherwise:

1. It is the most effective and least-chemically-dependent way to rid your body of pain

As we grow older, the idea of handling pain in the body can seem like a matter that is best left to the devices of a well-calculated dosage. Yet, the truth is that nothing helps to relieve body pain better than a massage.

The side effects of long-term use of analgesic pills include stomach pain, bleeding, ulcer, and kidney problems. As a result, it is best to seek alternative and effective means of relieving body pain.



Regardless if you’ve got back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, shoulder pain, or neck pain, letting a trained therapist go to town on your aches and pains will lead to better, longer-lasting results. For instance, letting the hands of Soul 2 Soles’ skilled therapists do what they do best will help rid your body of built-up pain without any pills involved, leading to a healthier turnout in the long run!

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2. It will help to ease all your worries (for a while, at least!)

After an hour or two on the bench, the very first feeling that you’ll feel is that your body, mind, and spirit are a whole lot lighter. At this point, we can consider massages as a “reset button” that we need at one point or another in our lives.  Mayo Clinic reports that a 60-minute massage helps to reduce cortisol (stress hormone) levels produced in response to stress by an average of 30%.


When you get a massage, the innate reaction that your body has is a sudden jolt of lightness that can be spread out until the next session because treating it nicely will yield a more positive feeling. If you want to give your mind, heart, and soul, some much-needed TLC within an hour, then a session with Soul 2 Sole is the way to go!



As we continue to experience a lot more stress in our lives that compounds until we have a tower of problems on our shoulders, it’s crucial to get a well-deserved massage before everything comes crashing down. With the help of a skilled therapist, you can give your body all the TLC and pampering it needs to get back into fighting shape without unwanted issues getting in the way!

After going through so much stress and working day-in, day-out, you deserve a rejuvenating traditional Thai massage in Edmonton, AB.

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