Thai Massage Myths Busted
Our Top Thai Massage Myths Busted Life throws many stressors our way. The stress of keeping up with the demands of our jobs, managing a home, and many others can take a toll on our physical and mental health. Getting massages regularly is one way to relax and reduce stress levels.  The internet is full of myths and misinformation so with this article on Thai Massage Myths Busted we hope to clarify fact from fiction.   
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Let us finally uncover why prenatal massage therapy is a necessity for pregnant mothers. A mother’s pregnancy is an extraordinary time for her. However, despite the generosity of this gift, it’s also a significant burden on her.  Pregnancy necessitates that you’re physically, mentally and emotionally invested in caring for your future child. Nature offers no concessions when it comes to carrying a child in your womb. But we’re here to care for you and your child by
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What time of year is best to get a massage
Massage In The Winter Vs Summer – Why The Time Of Year Matters A massage is seen as a beneficial practice, so many people should consider adding it to their life. Still, it becomes a matter of debate with the massage in the winter vs summer mindset. Although it may not seem like a huge deal, the time of year does matter how your body receives a massage.   Massages are frequently referred to as
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Best time to get massage
Finding out the best time to get a massage is a great way to enhance your overall massage experience. Still, the specifics of when you should get a massage vary greatly from person to person. What may work for you might be separate from someone else.   There is no set time to have a massage. You can have a massage that best fits your schedule and what works for your massage therapist. Be that
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give yourself a self massage
How often do you find yourself sitting at work in agony due to a lingering muscle strain or ache? It’s more common than you think, making it important to learn how to give yourself a self-massage. The overall sedentary or overworking lifestyle of so many people can take a toll on the body.   Our muscles and bodies don’t react right to the stress we put on it every day. Not to mention the days
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massage for migraine
How massage helps migraine symptoms—a question that’s asked since migraines are such a debilitating experience. The intense throbbing head, sensitivity to light, and nausea are not easy ailments for any to deal with. Thankfully, there are a few key ways to stop the pain and prevent future migraines from occurring, mainly centering around massages.   A massage is a popular treatment to rid pain, promote relaxation, and aid in physical health. Massages are also great
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Head Massage Benefits
If you’re the kind of person who only gets a head massage to relax after a tiring day, you’re missing out. Head massage benefits do more than provide a natural bit of relaxation. You will indeed feel carefree once you get a good head massage, but that’s not the only point of one.  Getting a head massage offers several benefits, such as boosting your memory, providing relief from migraines, relieving stress, and much more. If you hope
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Best country for Thai Massage
It is natural to ask where is the best place in the world to get a massage.  After all, there is a surreal connection between travel and massage culture. Every culture is unique and some vary significantly with their massage practices and traditions. Although there are some similarities between any massage type, there are many critical differences between massage styles all over the world.   Below we highlight the seven best countries for getting a great
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Top places to get massage
Top 10 Best Places For A Massage in Edmonton Are you looking for a massage in Edmonton? We have you covered! Down below will take a close look at the top 10 best places for a massage in the great city of Edmonton. We’ll discuss their massage focus area, their address, and some info related to each massage studio for you to take a look at. Let’s get started!   1. Soul 2 Sole Massage
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pregnancy massage Edmonton
Pregnancy Massage Edmonton Pregnancy is a life-changing moment that can be an overwhelming and challenging time. The physical and mental demand leads many mothers to seek out care throughout the nine months, including pregnancy massages. Also known as prenatal massage, these massages aim to relieve the pain associated with pregnancy.    Contrary to traditional massages, a pregnancy massage doesn’t involve deep pressure on a woman’s abdomen and legs. This process helps eliminate stress hormones and
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prental massage
A prenatal massage, also known as a pregnancy massage, is designed to relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy. The massage itself operates similarly to a traditional massage but varies in a few key ways. The main difference has to do with the delicacy of the massage.   A therapist will avoid using deep pressure on a woman’s abdomen and legs during the process. In comparison, a non-prenatal massage can heavily involve the abdomen and
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Asian Massage Therapy Edmonton
Asian massage therapy Edmonton wellness studios utilize strategies that work with the body’s energy. The objective is to balance a person’s body with the goal that the body is reset. It differs from traditional western massage therapies that are primarily used for promoting a sense of relaxation. Still, Asian massage therapy shares many similarities to other massage treatments. It relieves tension, decreases inflammation, eliminates toxins, and helps get rid of nagging muscle issues. Living in Edmonton’s
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health benefits of getting a traditional thai massage
The Health Benefits of Getting Traditional Thai Massage   #ThaiMassage#Yoga#Meditation   The Thai massage, which to everyone’s surprise, originated in the Indian subcontinent, has been a source of healing for more than 3000 years. Initially, traditional Thai massage was a healing art, influenced by traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda from India (from the Buddhist era).    Typically, it doesn’t constitute lying on a massage bed. Meanwhile, a massage therapist applies the oil on their body
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Massage Immune System
6 Ways Massage Impacts the Immune System    The importance of immunity has been highlighted like never before today, thanks to the COVID- pandemic. People with a stronger immunity seldom suffer from the severe symptoms of the deadly disease. The immune system is part of the human body’s natural defense against microbes and diseases. If your immune system is robust, you will be able to take on any illness without any problems. The question is
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Nine More Reasons Why You Should Be Getting Massage
9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting A Massage In this day and age, the vast majority of people understand what a massage is. Whether or not someone has gotten a massage before, they seem to know that it’s incredibly beneficial to people. Not only in the traditional sense to relieve pain, but for countless other reasons, many people might not realize initially. Plus, there is such a wide range of massages that people can
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