Massage Hydration
Getting a massage is one of the most beneficial things a person can do for themselves, making massage hydration extremely important. Unfortunately, not many people know about hydrating before and after a massage. Although most understand the necessity of hydration, it’s not talked about enough in a massage setting.   During a massage, numerous toxins you’ve been holding onto are released. Although that may seem ideal, those toxins have to release somewhere, hence the importance
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Massage Soreness
Feeling sore after massage therapy is a common experience for many people. Though most people schedule massages to feel a state of relaxation they usually wouldn’t obtain, soreness does occur. It can throw some people off, with many not expecting or realizing it’s a part of the massage process.   Think of it as if you would feel sore after exercising. Massages can invigorate regions of your body that you haven’t focused on lately. You
Shoulder Massage
A shoulder massage can assist you with unwinding, lessen muscle pressure, and decrease pressure. Everyone experiences various stresses each day, some of which take a toll on our bodies. Thankfully, there are ways to address these issues, particularly with a massage.   Regardless, below will highlight the key ways to give a massage, frozen shoulder tips, massage benefits, techniques, and more. By the end, you’ll know what to do if you’re dealing with shoulder agony,
carpal tunnel massage
Carpal tunnel is numbness and shivering in the hand and arm caused by a pinched nerve in the wrist. Over 8 million people are impacted by carpal tunnel every year, with procedures for carpal passage being the second most common musculoskeletal surgery. As a result, many people look to a carpal tunnel massage as a preventive and restorative method.   Surgeries are expensive, with many seeking alternative methods to help their body without tearing it
Registered Massage Therapist
Getting a massage is one of the most essential and beneficial activities a person can do. Unfortunately, not enough people can answer: what is an RMT massage? Thankfully, plenty of guides and articles (like this one) can answer that question for you.   This article will discuss what an RMT is, what conditions they treat, how you can see one, why you should trust an RMT, and much more. By the end, you’ll know where
what to wear for a massage
Whether a massage is a part of your usual routine or you’ve never gotten one before, knowing what to wear for a massage is extremely important.  This article will highlight what to wear when going for a massage, with examples such as a spa massage, full body massage, Thai massage, Swedish massage, and much more. We’ll also discuss what not to do at a massage and a few general points every person should know before getting a
breast massage
The use of breast massage has been around for years, with many swearing by its natural healing process. A growing number of studies are tied to massage benefits, some of which highlight the practicality and importance of self-massages. As a result, many wonder about how to massage breast techniques.   As well as satisfying joint and muscle torment, a breast massage can help your breast size and direct your milk supply. Sounds intriguing, right? Nevertheless,
tennis elbow massage
Experiencing pain in the elbow is a significant detriment to someone’s happiness and longevity. Whether playing sports, typing, texting or playing an instrument, tennis elbow is never an ideal circumstance. Thankfully, a massage for tennis elbow is a great way to alleviate some pain.   Despite popular belief, tennis elbow isn’t solely caused by tennis. The reason it’s called tennis elbow is because of where the pain area is. The outside of the elbow is
Massage Prep Covid
Though the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be approaching its end-state, there are still many worries, particularly in the personal and wellness sector. As a result, many people wonder about a massage during covid, and if it’s safe to do.   If you’re interested in getting a massage during this strange time, you’re in the right place. Below will discuss if it’s safe, massage restrictions, and the current CDC guidelines for the subject. By the end,
Massage Techniques for Tension Headaches
There is no better way to boost your mood and overall happiness than a massage. Though it may seem overwhelming to determine which massage technique is best for you, there are plenty of great solutions out there. As a result, we will discuss five massage techniques for tension headaches.   A tension headache is gentle to direct torment that feels like a tight band around the head. Different elements can cause a tension headache, including
massage for seniors
  Understanding the essential nature of a massage for seniors is imperative for longevity. Though you may think you’re better off compared to other people around your age, no one can deny how beneficial massages are. Whether it’s to help you relax or rid some aches and pains, massages can do it all.   As a result, below will discuss the critical specifics of massages and why they’re helpful for seniors. We’ll discuss why a
mental health tips
10 Tips for Mental Health Care in 2022 Mental health care is imperative as ever before. Whether it’s the result of the pandemic, long work days, or your life getting the best of you, all of it comes back to the importance of mental health. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to benefit your mental health, many of which are easy to do.   Nevertheless, if you are interested in bettering your life, continue reading
Thai Massage Myths Busted
Our Top Thai Massage Myths Busted Life throws many stressors our way. The stress of keeping up with the demands of our jobs, managing a home, and many others can take a toll on our physical and mental health. Getting massages regularly is one way to relax and reduce stress levels.  The internet is full of myths and misinformation so with this article on Thai Massage Myths Busted we hope to clarify fact from fiction.   
Let us finally uncover why prenatal massage therapy is a necessity for pregnant mothers. A mother’s pregnancy is an extraordinary time for her. However, despite the generosity of this gift, it’s also a significant burden on her.  Pregnancy necessitates that you’re physically, mentally and emotionally invested in caring for your future child. Nature offers no concessions when it comes to carrying a child in your womb. But we’re here to care for you and your child by
What time of year is best to get a massage
Massage In The Winter Vs Summer – Why The Time Of Year Matters A massage is seen as a beneficial practice, so many people should consider adding it to their life. Still, it becomes a matter of debate with the massage in the winter vs summer mindset. Although it may not seem like a huge deal, the time of year does matter how your body receives a massage.   Massages are frequently referred to as
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